Sensory Processing Disorder: Resources for teachers and parents

Students that fall outside of the Autism spectrum may still suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder. This disorder can affect a students ability to focus and learn in the classroom. According to the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation, children suffering from SPD can either be over-stimulated or under-stimulated. As many as 1 in 20 children may be affected by SPD.  Students with Sensory Processing Disorders may overreact to touch or smell, become easily distracted it the classroom, have difficulty with fine-motor skills, confuse similar sounding words, get stuck on tasks and have difficulty transitioning to new activities.

I’ve rounded up some resources parents and educators in need of alternative clothing options for SPD kiddos. For many children with sensory issues, clothing can be their worst enemy.  SmartKnitKIDS has seamless socks and undergarments with “no seams to bug ya'” for those children that are overly sensitive to “lumps and bumps” of normal clothing. Soft Clothing is a fashionable alternative with flat seams, printed labels and streamlined styles to take the battle out of getting dressed. For kids that need extra input, Kozie Clothes has an assortment of compression clothing that can easily slip underneath regular outfits.

I’m sure I will revisit this topic in the future, as it is one of personal interest for me. I’m anxious to know what experience other teachers have working with or idenifying students with Sensory Processing Disorder. Please share in the comments!


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