Welcome to the Texas Special Education Connection (Formerly Texas Middle School Teacher Connection)! I hope that you will use this site as a way to connect with and support other middle school teachers across the state and around the country. The site is still in the early stages, but I know that it can become an amazing place where teachers can come to find lesson plans, resources, and support from other middle school teachers that have walked in their shoes. Please introduce yourself and make yourself at home. If you have great material to share, please let me know!

As for me, I currently live and teach in San Antonio, Texas. I also recently assumed the role of Special Education Coordinator at a charter school (two new experiences for me). I have my Master’s in Special Education with a focus on Behavior Disorders from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have spent the last three years filling many roles. I have co-taught 7th/8th grade math, 7th/8th grade English, 7th grade Social Studies, and 6th grade Science and Social Studies. I taught life-skills English for two years to 7th and 8th graders. I have also worked with students in self-contained classrooms, teaching math, english, reading, and social skills.

I know how challenging it can be to try to find lessons that fits your curriculum and engages your students. I have always thought that one of the things that is missing from middle school is the opportunity to collaborate with teachers from different schools and districts. Think about all of the fantastic resources that are out there. The more opportunities we have to share our resources and pool our knowledge, the more successful our students will become. I hope you feel the same way!


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  1. Hi there,

    It is so great to find other education professionals that are sharing information about working with students with special needs. As a former Middle School teacher myself, I feel there is very little information out there regarding Special Education.

    My name is Rafael Scarnati, and I am the Director at Learning Foundations, an after school learning center for kids and teens with dyslexia, ADHD and cognitive processing difficulties.

    As a free service for teachers in San Antonio, I mail out a monthly Teaching Tips Newsletter for anyone who wishes to receive any classroom tips. Please feel free to email me at rafael@learningfoundations.com if you would like to receive free tips.

    Also, check out this new documentary on dyslexia that will premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse on October 28th. It’s called “Embracing Dyslexia”, and it is a fabulous resource for parents and teachers who care about their struggling readers. You can watch the trailer at http://www.learnngfoundations.com/embracingdyslexia.

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