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Don’t forget to document your phone conversations!

Phone Log Documentation

As a Special Education teacher, I know how important it is to document everything, but I will be the first to admit that when things get crazy I don’t always do the best job of logging my phone conversations. Sometimes a parent calls when I’m not right by my desk, or when I’m rushing out the door to pick up my own kids from school. I scribble some notes on the first piece of paper or Post-it note I can find, and drop it in my file. This year I vowed to have a more systematic way of logging phone conversations, and making sure that I was following up with parents. Sometimes there are things I need to do on my end before I follow up with parents, so I create this phone log with that in mind. I plan to make a binder that I can keep near my desk or take with me to log conversations as they happen. Worst case scenario, if I have to grab a scratch piece of paper, at least I will have a central location to transfer the information to once I am able to do so. With only one call per page, it will be easy to copy if needed for inclusion in a student’s file or evidence of communication should any disputes arise.


I’m live on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I love Teachers Pay Teachers. As I was working on my beginning of the year things, I started playing around with making them more…attractive. Then, I decided that if I was going to go to that much work to make my stuff look nice, I might as well share. I don’t expect to join the 20K club anytime soon, but I would be happy if you found the stuff I made useful and shared with your teacher friends! Go check out my Special Education Teacher Binder on TpT and let me know what you think. Thanks!Image

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