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  1. How do I modify the TEKs for a special ed student on my lesson plam? I know the difference between accommodations and modifications, I’m having trouble modifying the content.

    1. The STAAR ALT vertical alignment document on the TEA website is very helpful in figuring out how to level down the content from one grade level to another based on similar TEKS. Are you modifying in the general classroom or is this for a pull-out group?

  2. Ok, my students are in an inclusion setting, they are taking the STAAR Modified, I have to show on my lesson plan how I’m modifying the TeKs the general ed teacher is teaching. Will the Alt vertical alignment help?

  3. Yes, even though it says STAAR-Alt it is very helpful as a guidance document to help you know how to address similar TEKS at a lower level. If you are co-teaching, you could use the vertical alignment document as a framework for reteaching concepts so that your student can access grade level material. You will need to know what grade level equivalent your student is at so that you can build from that point. Co-planning with your Gen. Ed teacher is going to be key to writing well-modified, clearly aligned lessons plans. You shouldnt be creating something entirely new, just adjusting what the teacher is already doing in class.

  4. Thank you so much for your guidance. I truly appreciate you reading and responding to my post. There’s hope for this teacher.

    1. No problem! Glad I could help. I added a link to the Vertical Alignment document above so you can easily find it.

  5. This will definitely help me, made my job a lot easier, no need to reinvent the wheel since we have inclusion in all the subjects, thanks again. Happy dance!

  6. I will be teaching 2nd through 6th grade in a self contained life skills classroom. I will have 14 students on various levels. Where do I begin with my lesson planning. Is there any resources you can refer me to?

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